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A small group of officers back in 1975 converted their good-natured badgering football scrimmage into a fundraising football game to help local charities. It all began as a friendly football game on a cold day in January 1975 that grew into an event attended by over 32,000 fans. This original football game has now survived forty-nine years. We are proud to say we have played every year for the past 49 years and have donated over $1.5 million to local charities. The word PIG was a derogatory name given to law enforcement back in the 1970’s. The motto of this game was to use the word PIG for the acronym PRIDE-INTEGRITY-GUTS. This Sacramento Pig Bowl Charity Football game started a national craze of pitting law enforcement and/or fire departments against each other on the gridiron. We are the longest running charity football game in the United States and Sacramento’s favorite tradition. Twenty-one years ago we incorporated all first responders to play in this great charity football game which is now known as PIG BOWL Presents GUNS & HOSES. The game is now the law enforcement “HOGS” against the fire service “FIRE DOGS.” Players from both sides proudly protect and serve the people of the greater Sacramento Region and other local counties. These first responders take their personal time to prepare throughout the year for this great game. They enjoy their team practice sessions during the month of January while reuniting with old friends and making new ones. The all-volunteer Pig bowl – GUNS & HOSES committee members have worked hard to provide our community with a great family event and competitive full tackle football game. The volunteers, players, and cheerleaders over the past 49 years have assisted this organization in continuing to help our local charities through generous donations from the events held by Pig Bowl – Guns & Hoses. We proudly announce we have donated over $1.5 MILLION to our local charities! Our primary mission is to honor the fallen Officer’s and firefighters who paid the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and serving our community. We take great pride in showing the family, friends and co-workers of the fallen their loved ones will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! We truly believe: There are no losers in this game, the charities always win!